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Full Solid Carbon Rod

New Generation of fishing rod newly developed in Japan

632FSL and 633FSL grip pic for web use.png
ATEC full solid rod with weights pic - web use.jpg

Full Solid Carbon Blanks (made in Japan: assembled in Korea)

The flexible blanks bends dramatically and absorbs the shock of fighting a powerful fish.

Difference between a full solid blanks rod and hollow rod: The curve and kick of the full solid blanks rod are even and you can feel even the subtle fight with the fish in your hands.  For a hollow rod, the contraction rate is different from the inside and outside of the rod which makes it harder to feel the suble tight with the fish.

Spiral Guide Setting on Casting Rods

A spiral setting of Fuji SiC guides (made in Japan) from Fuji Heavy Industries prevents the rod from twisting by having only few guides and reducing its weight and tangling of the line at the top of the guide.

Casting Models (2-piece)

632FSL /633FSL


Spinning Model (2-piece)

Bass Rod (1 Piece)

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