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Shinkeijime - Mini Pressure Sprayer

A  Japanese  tradition,  an  ultimate way  of  blood  extraction from fish  for keeping its freshness and bringing  out  the  umami flavour.

The   freshness of the fish  is  lost  because  the  blood  stays  in  its body.    By draining the capillary blood flowing to the body of the fish, you can  keep  the  freshness  of the fish longer and reduce the fish odor, making it tastier.

The reason a fish has a fishy, muddy or bloody odor is because of the decomposing blood. The fish that die without completely draining the blood accelerates the decaying process and loses its taste quality.

Not only for eating as a sashimi, this also applies to the cooking.



Step 1 – 
Attach Mini Pressure Sprayer nozzle to water hose or pressure pump hose.  The nozzle may be detached to replace desired size.  

Step 2 – 
Determine “Kill Sweet Spot” – indicated by red spot.  The sweet spot is the meeting spot between spine line of the fish and line next the fish gill.  Please see diagram below.  


mini pressure sprayer.jpg

Step 2: Spine Line


Step 2: Line next to gill

Step 4: Cut line

Step 3: Gill

Step 3 –

Cut the blood vessel under the gill.  

Step 4 –

Cut tail off.  Please make sure to make your cut line at the tip of the last fin as indicated on the diagram.  Caution: If the tail is cut off too short, it will be harder to determine the spine blood vessel. 


Step 5 –

Insert Mini Pressure Sprayer needle into the spinal cord and press the button 3-5 times or until water / nerve ejects from “Kill Sweet Spot”.

Follow the same step by inserting the needle into the artery.  Ensure that the blood is draining from gill. 

It is recommended to insert water hose through the gill and let water run thoroughly through the fish.  You will see clear water exiting from the tail end. 

Step 5: Spinal cord

Step 5: Spine

Step 5: Artery

  1. Find the "Sweet Spot” right by the gill that looks like a letter "T".  

  2. Insert a sharp tool.

  3. Insert a sharp tool in the tail to make a hole. 

  4. Insert a hose with a running water, letting the blood out.

  5. Cut the gill and clean the fish under a running water.

  6. Cut the tail half way.

  7. Attach the Mini Pressure Sprayer to the hose and insert it into the artery.  Ensure that the blood is draining from gill.  Run the water to let the blood out of the fish until the water is clear.

       *If you use a hose to clean the blood out from the gill,

       the water pressure from the hose, flowing from wider

       area to narrower area, the blood may pool inside the fish

       It is better to apply the water pressure from narrow to a

       wider area to avoid this.

   8. Cut the gill off and insert a running water through it until the water            is clear.

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