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Turbo 20000 Hi-Strength Metal

Two-Speed Spinning Reel 

Turbo Hi-Strengh Metal Two-Speed Spinnin
  • High power full metal body of brilliant corrosion resistance.

  • Enhanced graphite rotor equipped with elegant carbon ring.

  • Strong anti-reverse bail arm assures smooth retrieve with minimum line damage.

  • Brilliant line allocation system represents minimum resistance and excellent durability.

  • Anti-reverse system adopted one way clutch bearing with eight strong roller bearings providing huge instant break strength.

  • High-grade anti-corrosive stainless steel ball bearings offers incredible smooth feel.

  • Advanced carbon washer provides super smooth and strong break strength.

  • All screws and main shaft are made of high-grade anti-corrosive stainless steel.

  • Enhanced main shaft increases the intensity of the whole reel.

  • CNC (computer numerical control) precision machining gears guarantee excellent cooperation of each part inside even under heavy load. 

Full metal construction salt water reel

  • Screw top handle

  • Stopper lever – The reel doesn’t have a stopper lever.

  • One-piece metal bail arm lever – Superior one-piece metal arm lever for strength and durability

  • Thick bail arm – Thick bail arm provides softer line treatment and strong durability

  • High performance drag – The carbon drag washer produces higher durability and smoother drag performance

  • Full metal construction – Greater strength and durability with aluminum die-cast used in the main body, rotor and bail arm lever

  • Return stop mechanism – When you open the bail, pressure is applied to the bail. This mechanism prevents the bail to close accidently and rotor from turning.

  • Water proof drag knob and body – Prevents reduced drag performance from water intrusion in the drag washer.

  • New rotary flat oscillation – Provides durability and even winding

  • Bail close mechanism – It doesn’t have an automatic bail close mechanism. This prevents the sinker from flying back and causing injury.


Full metal construction salt water reel

Maturity - small for web.jpg
  • Screw top handle

  • Full-metal Full-metal construction with an aluminum die-cast used in the main body

  • By using a newly developed carbon strength NCRM resin in a rotor, it has a great strength and durability

  • High performance drag – By increasing the area of drag washer, it has a high durability and smooth drag performance.

  • Very fine pitch drag – By implementing very fine pitch drag knob click (50 point per rotation) and bend washer spring, fine tuning is available in a wide range

  • Friction return - When you lift the bail, a light brake is applied to ensure that a slow seaming zone is achieved.  It prevents from a line escaping while casting and it smooths bail kick.

  • Thick bail arm – By using a duralumin, it is easy on a fishing line and has a strong durability.

  • For reels greater than Product No. 3000, by using O ring, it prevents water from intruding in the drag washer.

  • Water proof drag knob and body – prevents reduced drag performance from water intrusion in the drag washer. 

  • Water proof body assured high endurance


Oasys - small for web.jpg

1,600 degrees Micro Break (drag) system

Micro Break drag system.jpg

Spiritual 800

Spiritual 800.JPG


Material of its body, rotor and knob:  Plastic

Spool:  Both colours, no holes

Handle: CNC

*Only available by booking as this is special edition

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